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  • Address: 198 Old Bakery Street
  • Location: Valleta, Malta, Europe
  • Phone: Not Displayed
  • Fax: Not Displayed
  • Email: Not Displayed
  • Company Type : Direct Employer
  • Branch : Cruise Lines
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Grand Circle Cruise Line
GCCL ships have a capacity from 46 to 216 passengers, served by 14 to 104 employees
depending on the ship and region. We do serve exclusively American travelers.

Our company Mission and Vision create a dynamic and rewarding working environment for our associates, and create the standards by which we deliver our service to our travelers.

We will provide an environment that fosters professional development and encourages personal growth for our associates. We maintain competitive compensation and benefits packages relative to the industry and community. We conduct business with respect for each individual and their role within the organization.
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