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  • Address: 202 W Market Street
  • Location: WEST CHESTER, USA, North America
  • Phone: 610 590 4950
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La Baguette Magique, French Bakery
Catherine has always been passionate about this ancient and noble work. Now she lives her dream and shares her passion from her bakehouse that is a reflection of her love for bread : authentic and friendly. It is a living environment dedicated to a living product. La Baguette Magique is not a new bakery, it is truly a place where to discover all the taste and flavours of bread, going back to its roots and tradition. What makes La Baguette Magique so special, modern and unique, is the way it takes us back to our childhood and forgotten emotions. A combination of quality and proximity, La Baguette Magique fights for excellence, with solid foundations such as artisan work, guided by heart and hands.
Selection of best ingredients to produce a perfect prouct (certications, quality first), know-how, and time... precious time needed for a slow fermentation, allowing all the flavours to develop. Innovation for the display of produts -almost reachable-, visibility and flow between the oven, the bakers, and the retail, the clients. The space is open to encourage discussions, exchanges, advice.. Breads are reinvented according to the seasons, the events. Suggestions made to better enjoy this bread, or that one..
La Baguette Magique re-invent bakery to offer new pleasures : visual, olfactive, in a friendly atmosphere. All the materials (stone, wood..) and the lighting & decoration are in line with the philosophy, between tradition and modernity, simplicity and quality, warmness.
It is more than a production facility and retail..La Baguette Magique is a living spot, where one will come not only to buy bread but smell, talk & exchange, learn..
High seats by the windows to seat down for a treat or inviting armchairs around the coffee table. Simple and refined decoration, just like the products you will enjoy... And the French touch and culture from Catherine : Some antiques and souvenirs from France, French magazines and books, music.. and events around French culture and calendar.
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