What is the cost for an advertisement on Roles & Goals ?
Prices depend on the time period and on the number of ads you need to post.
Click here to see our price list

Can I change content of a job posting while it is online?
You may change, modify, and replace the content of your job postings as often as you need. There is no additional charge for any change you will post during your subscription period.
(we suggest to update your job postings every 9-10 days )

How many job positions may I post in one Ad?
Every Job-Ad is for advertising one position at a time.
For example: your subscription is for 6 Ads; you may advertise 6 different positions/jobs.

Will my subscription be extended automatically?
There will be no automatic extension of your subscription. You will receive an e-mail reminding you of the expire date of your subscription.

What will happen to my data after expiry of my subscription?
Your account will remain active unless you deactivate it yourself, but your job postings will be deactivated. By purchasing a new Advertising package you will be able to publish new job ads by renewing or amending the existing ones which will remain saved from your previous subscription on your dash board.

How do I advertise on Roles & Goals?
Register as a new user if you haven't registered yet. To post your Job Ads on Roles & Goals you need to click on Post a Job, choose the package that most suites your needs, click on buy now, process online payment and access your dash board and start to create your ads.

***** With Roles & Goals you may access your dash board even if you haven't chosen any ad package or processed any payment; yes you may create your job ads, view them, save them and publish them whenever you decide, after online payment has been confirmed.

How do I get applications?
It all depends on your private settings; you can have them sent to your Email address or to your inbox on your dashboard.

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