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Useful Advises

As a company always send a reply to each application even if the applicant does not meet your requirement; not responding, on a long term, could be detrimental to your company's image and certainly damage the credibility towards job seekers in the future.

Always use a personalized e-mail that clearly states your name or your brand ; this clearly reflects the seriousness and real interest in respect of the candidates / companies , both to the service that our site offers .

Consider whether the advertised position really suits your profile , wasting precious time in the hiring process does not help the mutual interest of companies and candidates.

Make sure that your data is up to date and clearly defined both in your CV and in the advertisements in order to avoid both parties wasting time and money.

It 's very simple:Register and Monitor your data as candidates and as companies . Using the Dashboard the companies and the applicants can monitor and check the applications received.

Update on regular intervals your CV to be found by employers and recruiters from all over the world. And ' possible to create your profile to measure and administer settings yourself to always be one step ahead of the competition .

Keep  your access data such as log-in and password safe and secure , do not share this information with anyone , be responsible.

In your applications mention your personal values ​​in order to give a complete and real impression. Mention only significant aspects , it is your presentation to a potential employer. Avoid talking negatively of previous experience . Mention your strengths and your weaknesses , your greatest success or your biggest mistake. A mix of experience , education, emotional intelligence, soft skills are values without boarders and understood around the world.



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